• » Overview

    The Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon introduce readers of all ages to the language, the spirit and the stories of the scriptures. Each book contains a scholarly abridgement of the Book of Mormon, colorful interpretive illustrations, and a dramatized recording of the stories—all cross-referenced to the full text of Book of Mormon, also included.

    » What’s New In These Books

    The digital edition of the Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon is now available as a 32-book enhanced, self-reading series. The text and audio come directly from the original volumes. The illustrations have been enhanced to look their best with new technology, and the design, layout and eBook format are all-new.

    » Background

    The most ambitious undertaking in the history of LDS children’s literature, the Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon were originally published in hard cover from 1978 to 1994. They were adopted by many thousands of LDS families and quickly became the best selling LDS family books ever published, after the scriptures themselves.

  • » Simplified Text

    The stories of the Book of Mormon have been carefully, scholarly and prayerfully simplified without losing the spirit or the language of the scriptures.

    » Full text of The Book of Mormon

    The full text of the Book of Mormon is just a touch away on every page—highlighted and cross-referenced so your family will never outgrow the Illustrated Stories.

    » 32 eBooks

    Sized to maintain your child’s attention, each book has 65-100 pages and 15-25 minutes of read-aloud audio.

    » 1,100+ hand-painted illustrations

    Everyone loves the vivid, hand-painted illustrations that excite the imagination and aid understanding. Paintings from the original series have been digitized and enhanced to look their best with mobile displays.

    » 1,700 newly designed pages

    The design, layout and eBook format are all-new. The books feel modern and attractive even to young people accustomed to the stimulation of mobile devices.

    » 8+ hours of dramatized audio

    The easy-to-use dramatized audio aids learning while adding to the enjoyment of the books. You’ll love learning to recognize the voices of all the characters of the Book of Mormon.

    » Read-along with word highlighting

    You can read the books at your own pace, or they can read themselves to you—highlighting each word as it is spoken. Older children love learning to read scripture language this way, and younger children enjoy watching the “progress bar” of highlighted words work its way toward the end of the page.

    » Easy-to-use interactive controls

    Children, parents and grandparents all intuitively understand how to use them—just like books, only better.

  • » Touched my heart and kindled my testimony ~Jeff O.
    The Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon truly touched my heart and kindled my testimony as young boy. These books had such an impact on my life that I eagerly traveled across the country as a college student selling the printed set to other LDS families. Today I’m thrilled to have the digital version of the books available and even more affordable to share with family and friends.

    » When can we read the scriptures? ~Jennifer S.
    Before we downloaded the Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon, our children would roll their eyes when we announced it was time to read scriptures. Now THEY are asking US: “When can we read the scriptures?”

    » What a great surprise ~Phil K.
    What a great surprise to see this new format made available. I eagerly recommend this for all families who wish to give their young children a great way to read and visualize the Book of Mormon.

    » My kids LOVE these books ~Starling H.
    My kids LOVE these books! My four-year-old will sit down for 30-minutes at a stretch and even start the same book over again because it captures his attention so well.

    • Product

    • What’s included in my purchase?

      • » The full set of the Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon
      • » 32 individual eBooks
      • » Over 1,700 newly designed pages in all
      • » Over 1,100 hand-painted illustrations in all
      • » Over eight hours of recorded, dramatized audio in all
      • » Read along word highlighting
      • » Plus the full text of the Book of Mormon with highlighted references
    • What devices does it work on?

      • » iPad / iPhone / iPod touch
      • » Any device that can run the iBooks app can run the Illustrated Stories.
    • Does it work on Android or Windows mobile devices?

      Not yet. We are working on an app version of the Illustrated Stories that will run on both iOS and Android mobile devices. We expect this to be available in Q2 2013. It will be a free upgrade for existing customers.

    • Is it available in any languages besides English?

      • » Spanish will be available during the 2nd quarter of 2013
      • » Portuguese will follow later in the year
      • » Both will be separate purchases, discounted for existing customers
    • Purchase

    • Can I buy as a gift for someone else?

      Yes. Please call us at (801) 871-8742. We will help you purchase the product using your name and credit card. You’ll then give us the names, phone numbers and email addresses of the gift recipients and we can either send them the download links directly, or send them to you to forward.

    • How many people can use one license (one purchase?)

      • » You are licensed to use the books on all the mobile devices in your household
      • » You may not share the books with people outside your household
    • If you come out with a new version, will I have to buy it again?

      No. You will be notified of new versions and may download them again at no cost to you.

    • If I buy these in English, will the Spanish and/or Portuguese versions be included?

      No. Additional languages will be available for a separate purchase. We will offer a discount for customers who buy more than one language.

    • If I buy these for iOS (Apple mobile devices), will the Android version (most other mobile devices) be included?

      No. Additional platforms will be available for a separate purchase. We will offer a discount for customers who buy more than one platform.

    • Can I get a discount if I buy more than one?

      Yes, when purchasing at the full price we offer discounts on purchases of more than two sets. Volume discounts cannot be combined with other special pricing.

    • Can I buy a set of the original hardcover books?

      The original books have been out of print for nearly twenty years. They can still be found in used bookstores and on eBay. A full set typically costs around $100 in reasonable condition.

    • Download and Installation

    • How do I download the books to my iPad?

      After purchase, you will be sent an email with download instructions. The download email will include 32 links to download each book either to your computer or directly to your mobile device. You have 30 days after purchase to download your books.

    • How large are the books? How much space do the take on my device? How long do they take to download?

      • » Each book contains 65-90 pages of text, pictures and audio
      • » They range in size from 25MB to 40MB
      • » On most home Internet connections, each book will take between 15 seconds and 2 minutes to download
    • Can I share my download links with others?

      No. Your download links are individualized and monitored and may not be shared.

    • What if I buy a new iPad? Can I transfer my books without buying again?


    • Support

    • Can you help me?

      Yes. If you have trouble with anything, please call us at 801-871-8742. Press 2 for support.

    • Competition

    • Are these the same as the Living Scriptures?

      No. The Illustrated Stories from the Book of Mormon are unique in many ways. They use the language of the scriptures and invite the spirit in much the same way as the original Book of Mormon. While entertaining, they are designed to aid in introducing scripture reading and study.

    • Whose scriptures are you using?

      The full text of the Book of Mormon uses the authorized text from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.